e2m.live  - Virtual event platform for Bull Run Summit 

e2m.live is the leading video-first virtual event platform used by Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and the largest associations for their internal and external events, conferences and trade shows.

e2m.live is the leading enterprise event app platform exclusively meant for virtual training and events, and is an award-winning video-first virtual event platform with user-friendly features and a seamless digital experience.

Bull Run Summit uses e2m.live - the Virtual and Hybrid Enterprise Event Platform, to provide an immersive and engaging event experience. With features like variable bitrate video live-streaming, enterprise-level security, video roundtables, virtual trade show floors and booths and engagement-enhancing modules like Q&A, polls and surveys, e2m.live is the ideal event platform to support Bull Run Summit 2021.

BRS event features, supported by e2m.live:

  • Roundtables: For instant connection and networking opportunities among the delegates
  • Expo floor: Virtual expo to meet exciting startups and leaders in Fintech.
  • Sessions: Industry experts on hot topics during several 45-minute sessions. 
  • Workshops: Intensive knowledge-sharing workshops with one-to-one interaction.
  • Custom agenda: To let the attendees create their own personalized event agenda for an organized event experience.
  • Variable bitrate video: Smooth videos with variable bitrate video during one-to-many live broadcast sessions. 
  • Branded lobby: Customized lobbies with tickers and video screens.

e2m.live provides the best roundtable experience, the broadcast-quality video streams, and the engagement opportunities to recreate real events on virtual screen resulting in a “high-end” customer experience.

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