7 Trends to Define How Millennials Invest

When it comes to financial investment, millennials have a different world. They are risk takers yet cautious, and adjusting to any shifts in society and economics. Millennials are prone to risky investments like crypto and angel investment. And to do that, they keep themselves updated and well-trained by the industry leaders. 

This generation is tech-savvy, and has practically grown up with the internet. This makes them flexible to being much more experimental on where they invest their money, including savings and pensions.

Here are some of the trends that millennials follow while investing big:

1. Millennial investors are Goal Oriented

Millennials make goal-based investments, which sets them as unique. They prefer planning for experiences in their financial goals. With various buckets to fulfil their different goals like buying high-end gadgets or luxury furniture or traveling to a dream destination, millennials prefer to pre-plan and segregate investments accordingly.

2. Millennial Investors invest in Equity

Millennials understand the benefits of starting investment at an early age. They are risk takers, yet cautious and planned about where and how they invest. They prefer investing more in equities. However, most of their equity investments are through systematic investment plans in mutual funds.

3. Millennial Investors love Fintech Apps

Millennials prefer to depend on Fintech apps on their smartphones for investing. These apps help them to not only invest safely, but also to keep a track on their investments regularly. The digital experience is seamless, hassle-free, and needs no one to depend on for tracking or making necessary adjustments.

4. Millennial Investors are the do-it-yourself kind

While making investments, millennials take help of financial advisors, capital market gurus, and trading trainers to keep themselves updated. They are the do-it-yourself generation who want to be updated with the informative content for the final decision-making. This generation prefers to follow finance masters for regular quality content on investment, personal finance, and other tips for a complete analysis before jumping into investments.

5. Millennial Investors follow social media for trends

A study confirms that 90% of millennials believe in making their own financial decisions after a thorough market study that includes content from Fintech leaders, as well as social media content. Apart from newspapers, magazines, and finance company websites, millennials reach out to social media communities and forums like Quora for better knowledge of the financial market.

6. Millennial Investors experiment in variety

Millennials prefer to invest in goal-based SIPs, and at the same time, they are open to experimenting. They have an inclination to risk appetites for different products. They invest in mutual funds through SIP, might invest through direct stocks, and might have trading options in mind simultaneously. They compartmentalize their investments instead of focussing on a single investment type.

7. Millennial Investors look up to Influencers

Financial influencers on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are the defining voices for young traders and beginners trying to warm up to financial markets amid a global stock market boom. Millennial influencers like Rachana Ranade, Nikhil Kamath, and Vivek Bajaj are growing in number and are helpful in training the under-30s audience on the basics of investment.   

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