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Ashish Chauhan - From a “small town guy” to the Father of Modern Financial Derivatives

His journey starts from being a self-described “small town guy” and rolls over today to a finance market Guru. Ashish Chauhan started from a small town near Ahmedabad and has successfully made a ‘breakout’ career in Indian financial markets with his versatile and dynamic skills. Today, Ashish is the face of BSE, to say the least.

Ashish Chauhan made it large with his down to earth personality and the learning curve which followed the trenches – trying – failing – trying again – understanding situations and learning from them – and never giving up is what helped him reach where he is today.

“Introducing” Ashish Chauhan:

Ashish Chauhan – the Father of Modern Financial Derivatives, a serial entrepreneur, the ex-CEO of Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team, and the MD & CEO of BSE, Asia’s first stock exchange. He is also the founder of NSE, the creator of Nifty index, and the ex-President and ex-CIO of Reliance group.

Chauhan started his career as a banker in IDBI. Today, he is recognized for his leadership, investment traits, trading skills, and people management tactics.

Ashish Chauhan sticks to his methodical and professional approach, balancing with his humble personality. He is a visionary leader with dynamic and versatile ideas for market beginners as well as for experts.

Ashish helped BSE to be the fastest exchange in the world with 6 microseconds response time. He also introduced mobile stock trading in India. He has diverse experience and knowledge in areas such as currency, commodities and equity derivatives, SME, start-ups, mutual fund distribution, IPO/bond distribution, insurance distribution, Agri spot market, power trading, and international exchange at Gift city, to name a few.

Apart from his expertise in stock markets and microstructure of markets, he has been instrumental in the fields of IT, cricket, telecommunication, organized retail, oil and gas refining, and several other social issues of the country.

Ashish is a part of several NGOS and committees including WFI, Government of India, RBI, SEBI, CBDT, CII, IMC, and India-UK Council. He was also the CEO of the cricket team Mumbai Indians in its formative years.

Ashish is culturally inclined to Indian classical music, and an avid reader. He is mainly into non-fiction literature in subjects like finance, markets, risk management, science, maths, religion, philosophy, management, history, sports, social issues, future, technology, and international geopolitics. His favorite piece of literature is “Execution - The discipline of getting things done” by Ram Charan and Lawrence Bossidy. 

He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta from where he was recruited to IDBI as an officer 1991.

Ashish Chauhan at Bull Run Summit 2021:

Ashish believes that the only thing that bridges between the present and the future is finance. He also believes strongly that for beginners, investment must be the first thing they must learn before they jump into trading.

At Bull Run Summit 2021, Ashish shares his mantras on how cautiously and patiently one must step ahead as an investor. He also has suggestions for retail investors to not get involved in derivatives, and be responsible and alert for their own finance.

Ashish Chauhan at Bull Run Summit presents a complete guide on what to do and what to avoid as a first-time investor, or as an expert trader to remain stable in the industry.

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