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Avadhut Sathe – Why the Stock Market is the God Market!

“Trading Is My Passion, Trading Is My Life” – says Avadhut Sathe. Trading in the stock market since 1991, Avadhut has witnessed the Bull and Bear market cycles for more than two decades. He stands out as a stock market trader, trainer and mentor at Avadhut Sathe Trading Academy where he helps people to fulfil their dreams of financial freedom.  

Avadhut touts the stock market as the God market calling it the ocean of opportunities. People travel from far off places to learn multiple things about investment and personal finance. Avadhut has trained more than 10,000 individuals on stock market, Futures & Options market, price actions, and advanced concepts like the Elliott Wave Principle.

Sathe’s institute offers a mentor program to equip and develop the finer skills of trading in financial markets for individual participants. His academy trains individuals enabling them to overcome their past failures in finances resulting in success stories.

Avadhut – a catalyst in the stock market

Avadhut has an excellent academic record. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering before completing post-graduate degree in Computer Science along with a Diploma in Business Finance. He has an illustrious career of 17 years in the IT industry across several places including the United States, Europe, APAC (Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia), and India.

Before starting his training institute, Avadhut was posted as the Senior Solutions Architect at Deloitte Consulting and as a delivery head at Hexaware Technologies with more than 300 people working under him. He resigned from these organizations to ultimately follow his passion, and set up his own training institute – Avadhut Sathe Trading Academy in January 2015.

Avadhut’s sessions are different. Here’s how

Avadhut started conducting seminars on stock markets trading in February 2008. Before that, he used to trade in the US market in 2001. He also has experience of trading Indian Futures & Options market since 2007.

Avadhut is a rare combination of an experienced trader and a passionate trainer. He stands out with his unique training skills. The most difficult subject of stock market becomes the easiest to comprehend and practice under Sathe’s training. Avadhut articulates complex concepts in the simplest way possible to make it easy for those who are just starting off with trading. He connects the dots and weaves the stories in an enlightening yet interesting and entertaining way for the participants to understand easily.

Avadhut’s seminars and sessions are indeed different. His sessions include interactive exercises, knowledge sessions, Q&A rounds, and many more energetic engagements for the individuals.

During his sessions, Avadhut tends to transfer his own passion and energy to his students. He has the vision to empower people. His sessions are dedicated for the participants to attain the knowledge, skill, and discipline required to reach out for the innumerable opportunities in the financial markets. His students are efficiently trained to build wealth and contribute for the betterment of society.

The Guru of Financial Markets

To his students, Avadhut is the financial market guru.  However, the “guru'' feels that he is just a catalyst who has the solutions to the most complex financial subjects. He strongly believes collective destiny is more powerful than individual destiny.

Taking this forward, he inculcates that success in financial markets is a by-product in his teachings. Instead, his ultimate goal is to develop a character that deserves success in financial investment.

Avadhut’s vision and training has helped to successfully train thousands of people in the stock market. Several have become multimillionaires with Sathe’s financial markets training at his trading academy.

Avadhut Sathe at Bull Run Summit

 Avadhut Sathe joins us at Bull Run Summit from 23rd to 25th July 2021 to talk about Equities and ETF. His workshop would benefit many who want to try their hands on trading for the first time, or as an expert.

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