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Nitin Jaiswal – 21st century leadership skills for the generation ahead

Nitin Jaiswal is a financial expert and the face behind Bloomberg’s expansion across Asia-Pacific. He is responsible for leveraging Bloomberg’s global network with his expertise in expanding financial market structure to green finance.

Nitin has an experience of over 20 years as a leader, and he has worked with government, regulators, business leaders and think tanks. With a vast experience in finance, he has been an eminent speaker in a number of events, live sessions, and institutes, and has engaged with lots of senior stakeholders like ministers, CEOs, and Prime Minister. He is a frequent speaker at events and conferences across Asia for his deep knowledge of the region’s complex regulatory, business, and cultural environment.

Nitin believes that the country is in dire need of new entrepreneurs. He encourages asking questions, and getting engaged in the discussion rather than just listening. Nitin also inspires the young generation as the torchbearer of 21st century skills.

Nitin Jaiswal – a leader who started early!

Nitin was born and brought up in Hyderabad, a graduate in Finance, Economics, and Marketing from Osmania University, and passed from Harvard Kennedy School in Public Policy and Leadership. He heads Asia-Pacific region of Bloomberg LP as the Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs & Strategic Relations. It was, in fact, under Nitin’s leadership that Bloomberg expanded across Asia-Pacific.

Nitin started leadership at quite an early age, and hence he feels lucky to be a leader in the 20th century as well as in the 21st century. He has watched closely what skills worked in the last century, and how things have progressed with new skills being introduced in the 21st century.

Nitin’s ideologies and tips for leadership – the ICE and the ART of leadership

With a vast area of exposure and experience in leadership, he believes in “the ice and the art” of leadership in the current era. There are certain skills that he feels must be taught to the budding entrepreneurs to make the difference in the industry. He also has his dedicated ideologies for the would-be-leaders in the corporate world who want to bring on the change in the market.

Nitin, as a leader, encourages ideologies in leadership. The most important attribute a leader must have is the right attitude and right ethics to lead. Good leaders also have patience to listen and learn from others.

Nitin’s ideologies include good communication and learning skills by leaders. Good leaders tell their people what they need, and convince them why they need it. It is the knack of conveying the right ideas to the people and ultimately helping them to grow.

Nitin feels that for a young startup owner, the ideas must be innovative and passionate. Nitin encourages the young generation to be passionate about their goals, their ideas, and their startups. Getting into the shell of passion is important to forget about the worries and to get engrossed in positivity.

Nitin also reminds that in life, there would be ups and downs, and so in business. So, he suggests accepting it rather than feeling pity about the bad days at business.

Apart from being a positive person, Nitin is a foodie with love for biryani, a yoga fanatic, an Instagram contributor, and an aspiring writer of his upcoming book ‘Selfie @40 - Light, Camera, Action.’

Nitin Jaiswal at Bull Run Summit:

Nitin Jaiswal joins Bull Run Summit from 23rd to 25th July 2021 to share his leadership stories, experience, and tips for the upcoming generation as well as for the successful business people. With a distinct set of ideologies and set of principles, Nitin is a successful and positive leader who aspires to build the next trillion-dollar industry in Asia.

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