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Padmaja Ruparel – The Lady Behind India’s Largest Investor Networks

Meet Padmaja Ruparel - the businesswoman, the key player in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, the President of Indian Angel Network, and a homemaker. Padmaja is the brain behind India’s one of the largest Investor Networks, and is the co-founder of many institutions as well as an Angel Investor.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Padmaja learnt one thing from the very beginning that she was not a cut-out to be at home full-time. She realised that she always wanted to be an entrepreneur and her parents supported it. She got it communicated to her husband too, that she wanted to be a working woman. That was the beginning of her career, and it was not easy.

Padmaja Ruparel and her ideologies:

As Padmaja self-describes, she was the black sheep of the family. She started as an entrepreneur by building her family-owned real estate business. She has always been extremely goal-oriented and focussed with an attitude of prioritizing things in life which has ultimately got her to where she is now.

Padmaja believes in learning and accepting that whatever your career goals are, must be clear to yourself, and must not harm anyone else. She also believes in putting the best foot forward for whatever the set priorities are. Also, balancing the professional and personal life can be easily done, only if one is committed enough.

The journey began at Calcutta (Kolkata), and rest was history:

Padmaja started off as an entrepreneur in Kolkata (then Calcutta), before moving to Delhi leaving behind her family business that had grown dramatically from 50,000 sq ft to 2.5 lakh sq ft of space. At Delhi, she started working in the IT industry. Working here gave her the flexibility to experiment and learn on different aspects of business. She also learnt how a company starts, how it lists, delists, how companies get acquired, the exit, and communications beyond corporate strategy.

Padmaja met her mentor Mr. Saurav Shrivastava who brough TiE to India. With him, Padmaja set up India’s first TiE Chapter in Delhi, which is one of the best performing chapters across the TiE universe. It was at TiE that Ruparel learnt about the challenges that the entrepreneurs generally go through, and how they take care of the challenges.

Padmaja grew vertically as well as horizontally in her corporate life as she kept on learning, and it ultimately helped her learn how things work within and outside the corporate world. There were two things that worked for her – her consistent looking around and reaching out for new opportunities, and her daily competition with her own self trying to defeat her last best identity.

On becoming an Angel Investor:

Padmaja Ruparel is an inspiration to first time entrepreneurs looking for angel funding. She says that talent and funds are two important resources needed to make a startup successful. Talent is something that helps entrepreneurs ideate and innovate, and fund is something that they need from investors. 

The big switch in Padmaja’s life happened when she decided to back a few startups ideas as an angel investor. She spoke to a few of the Angel groups operated globally to understand the entire ecosystem and later formed their institution. That’s how IAN was co-founded in 2009 with Ruparel and her fellow investors. 

Padmaja as a leading woman in business:

Today, Padmaja is one of the most prominent investors in India and a key enabler in India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Throughout her career, she has been featured in a number of business and power lists by leading media platforms as a successful entrepreneur. Padmaja Co-chairs Global Business Angel Network, and also engages actively with the Indian government.

Padmaja believes that women should be empowered and independent. They should build their own independence, economically and financially. She believes that a business scenario without women means excluding a huge talent pool of the country. Women empowerment in business is important to channelize the same into economic growth, and ironically, it is a talent that is often not leveraged the right way.

Padmaja has been awarded as one of the 'Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Business' by Fortune India for 2017, 2018 2019, listed in Forbes India’s WPower Trailblazers and “30 Most Powerful Women in India” by Business Today for 3 years running. She has been awarded by the Women Economic Forum as the “Women of the Decade in Investment Banking”.

Padmaja Ruparel at Bull Run Summit 2021

At Bull Run Summit 2021, Padmaja Ruparel joins us from 23rd to 25th July to talk about Venture and Angel Investing. She also shares her knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship, especially for the ones who are planning for a startup as a career option. As an iconic entrepreneur, Padmaja mentors on how to be successful in a startup business. She also shares her ideologies on why and how women entrepreneurs must be showcased to the next generation. 

Padmaja narrates her journey as an angel investor, inspiring several others. She also guides the startup owners on how to get funded by angel investors. She shares a few tips on how to become an Angel Investor.

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