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Radhika Gupta – The story of the extraordinary leader perfect with her imperfections!

Everyone is tested by life, but very few learn from the experiences. Because not everyone can extract strength and wisdom to stand out as unique. Radhika Gupta is one of those rare gems – an inspiration, a storyteller, a strong leader, and a gorgeous personality.

Radhika is the CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd. She started her career in 2005 as a Business Analyst of McKinsey & Company. A year later, she was also a part of the global asset allocation team at AQR Capital Management, LLC, as Portfolio Manager. Radhika founded Forefront Capital Management in 2009 along with her two partners Nalin Moniz and Anant Jatia. The start-up was acquired by Edelweiss Financial Services Limited in 2014.

This roughly sums up the professional career of Radhika. However, the plot is not that smooth as it sounds. She had her own share of rough patches which prepared her to emerge stronger, more confident, and with a deeper sense of purpose and commitment to her goals.

Radhika Gupta – On her journey called life

Radhika was a class topper. She was born in a “service class family” in Pakistan where her father was posted as an Indian diplomat. Radhika was born with a broken neck tilted to one side, which became more prominent as she grew up. 

Radhika’s struggle began early when her father was posted to New York and she was admitted in an American school where she has hard times learning to speak English. Then to Delhi and to Nigeria, as her father’s job posts kept on shifting, Radhika grew up across 4 continents with a global citizenship.

Radhika’s school life was not easy; she grew up with children of CEOs, business tycoons, and warlords. While her classmates wore designer clothes and went to foreign trips and had expensive hobbies, all that she had was her parents playing bridge! She always wondered what special or unique skill she had to be qualified as a well-rounded person in a US university.

Radhika stood with the “truth” which ultimately got her to Wharton University. She was consistently good in her academics, but without any special skills which brought her rejections from seven management consultancies at a stretch. At one point in time, she wanted to commit suicide by jumping from the 19th floor!

And right then, at McKinsey & Company, her knowledge of card games at the age of 13 years actually made her “unique” to the interviewer, who was a tournament level bridge player.  

Radhika is an achiever – her success story confirms that she has always stood by her imperfections, welcomed her imperfections, and learnt to live with them to celebrate her uniqueness rather than trying to blend in.

Radhika moved to India, set up a start-up where she worked at grassroot level and even cooked at the pantry. But her enthusiasm and determination to do something different kept her focussed and she managed to make 2 crores from 25 lakhs in one year. And the rest was a history which paved the way to create the 20,000 crores business she runs today.

Radhika Gupta at Bull Run Summit

At Bull Run Summit 2021, Radhika talks about Mutual Fund Strategies. She shares her experience and life’s lessons to give an idea how to fight risks and challenges to create the path towards success. She has some brilliant business lessons to share – how to be a visionary, how to balance work and personal life, how to accept uniqueness, and how to be passionate about your goals and career.

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