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Vivek Bajaj - His journey to build one of the largest financial ecosystems in India

Everyone has a dream to make it big in life, but people seldom move out of their comfort zone. Vivek Bajaj is one of those passionate entrepreneurs who took risk at every stage of his career to be where he is today.

Vivek Bajaj – democratising financial markets

Vivek is a market participant, trader, and an investor, and an enthusiast trainer who educates the beginners on various aspects of finance that are important for inclusive development in society.

Vivek is the Co-Founder of StockEdge and Co-Founder of Elearnmarkets. StockEdge has an active user base of 500,000 empowered individuals who are the first-timers as retail investors. Elearnmarkets is a dedicated BFSI e-learning platform with over 100 practical financial courses by industry experts led by Vivek.

Vivek trains millennials with accurate data and effective analytics so that they learn independent financial decisions. With Elearnmarkets, Vivek has over 450,000 users to follow the joint programs offered online in collaboration with Industry leaders like NSE, MCX, NCDEX, ICICI DIRECT etc.

Vivek started his career as a commodity analyst that inspired him to ideate and create one of the largest financial market trading firms in India with over 200 associates. It is because of him that the financial market of India is revolutionized with many of the young investors and beginners trying to learn about the capital markets.

Vivek’s first steps towards trading and investing:

After completing his MBA in 2005 from IIM Indore, Vivek had joined JM Financials, Bombay. It was soon after he started trading that he discovered his market predictions always used to be correct. It was then he got the idea to invest his money.

Vivek came to his hometown, Kolkata and started commodity trading in 2006. He thanks himself for this decision that helped him make his first 1 crore in the markets by investing 10 lakhs.

The initial six months as an analyst were full of struggles, but Vivek got the grip soon, learnt about scalping, and there was no looking back since then. Within one year, he was able to generate 100% returns which made him confident.

As a passionate investor and a YouTuber, Vivek often reminds how important it is to learn the right pattern or path of stock market to be safe with your finances. The risk to run into mistakes and losing it big is pretty high, and that is exactly what Vivek pin-points the beginners.

Michael Bloomberg, the owner and founder of Bloomberg, inspires Vivek Bajaj who aspires to build an ecosystem similar to that of Bloomberg for retail investors in India. With a market concept and experience of over 17 years and more than 1 million users connected with his current offerings, Vivek certainly stands as the messiah to all those who want to learn the basics and minutes of the stock market.

Vivek Bajaj at Bull Run Summit:

Vivek Bajaj has hundreds of tips and rules for first-time investors. There are several mistakes that the beginners often make, and Vivek points those out to prevent the risk of losing money. There are certain lessons to learn when someone is trying his luck in the stock market, and Vivek trains the best as a market participant.

At Bull Run Summit, Vivek talks about Technical and Fundamental Analysis. He is all set to present his Pandora's box of stock market trends, rules, to dos and don’ts, and all other relevant information for safe stocks. Join Vivek at BULL RUN SUMMIT 2021 from 23rd to 25th July 2021.

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